Through My Lens: Personalizing Social Studies Through Documentary Production
SHIFT, a program of the Utah Film Center, offers grades 4-12 educators immersive, high-quality professional development and curriculum that supports the integration of the filmmaking process into educational settings. Workshops and instructional materials provide comprehensive, standards-linked lesson plans to guide educators on how to produce documentaries, public service announcements (PSAs), instructional videos, personal narratives, and other short film projects with their students.
*All training and curriculum costs are covered by generous grant funding. Any required food or travel will be covered by the participants.

Teacher Incentives & Expectations
Teacher Incentives:
  • 2.0 USBE or 30 hours of Professional Development Credit
  • SHIFT Standards-Linked Filmmaking Curriculum Manual
  • Partial Educational Technology Endorsement (9/18 credits)
  • Utah Film Center One-Year Membership
  • Ongoing Resources & Support
Teacher Expectations:

Participants must meet the following requirements:
  • Attend initial 2-day training and end-of-year exhibition of student-produced documentaries.
  • Commit to additional 12 hours of in-classroom mentorship and professional development with Utah Film Center Media Mentors.
  • Work with students to produce a documentary in the classroom.
  • Obtain administrator approval and commitment to support the participants' involvement in the program.
  • Obtain school or district Technology Specialist commitment to provide support in maintenance of software and hardware throughout the year, either on Macs, PCs or mobile devices.
To apply, select "Qty 1", click "Next", and complete the application form. We will notify you when we receive it and follow up regarding your acceptance to the program.

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